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Watersportshops.com features Sea Specs, Extreme Outdoor & Water Sport Sunglasses

SeaSpecs Patented Extreme Secure Strap

SeaSpecs Sunglasses Non-elastic, Easily Adjustable and Comfortable Secure Strap keeps the sunglasses on your head during your Extreme Surfing, Kite Surfing, Windsurfing, Jet Skiing, Snowboarding and all other Extreme Sports!

SeaSpecs are made for Extreme Conditions, therefore our patented strap is not removable!

Removeable straps will fall apart under Extreme Conditions.  Insist on a Non-Removable Strap!  Beware of using a leash instead of a Non-Removable Secure Strap. Sunglass leashes are designed to be worn around your neck. Never wear a leash/noose around your neck during Extreme Sports!

SeaSpecs Provide Different Shaded Lenses For Different Sunlight Conditions 

SeaSpecs Grey Polarized Lenses are our most popular lenses and come in all of our Models/Frames and are great for all conditions.  Watersportshops Brown Polarized Lenses, come in our Black Frame (our "Sunset Specs) and are excellent for cloudy, early morning and late afternoon, low light conditions.  Both, Grey and Brown Lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection!


My Prescription SeaSpecs have been excellent!"
- Bob Bowman, Kiting in Sunny San Diego


SeaSpecs offer Different Color Frames

All Five Model SeaSpecs use the same Frame. The only difference is the color of the Frame and the color of the lenses:

1. The Jet Specs, our most popular, use the Black Frame, with the Polarized Grey Lenses and are best for real sunny days;

2. The Sunset Specs use the Black Frame with the Polarized Brown Lenses and are good for low light conditions;

3. The Cobalt Specs use the Blue Frame, with the same Polarized Grey Lenses;

4. The SunFire Specs use the Red Frame, with the same Polarized Grey Lenses; and

5. The Copper Blaze Specs use the Copper/Orange Frame, with the same Polarized Grey Lenses.

All Lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection!


Prescription SeaSpecs

SeaSpecs offers Prescription Lenses in our Standard Frame in both Grey and Brown Polarized Lenses. SeaSpecs Single Vision Polarized Prescription Lenses and Frame, complete, cost $195.00 and there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR POLARIZED LENSES. Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

SeaSpecs Cost $49.95 each 

SeaSpecs cost $49.95 each.  Shipping within the United States is $5.95 and anywhere else in the world is $9.95.  However, when you buy two (2) SeaSpecs, Shipping is FREE of charge anywhere in the world and you also receive a FREE Jet Specs (please see below)!

SeaSpecs Free Shipping Worldwide!

SeaSpecs provides FREE SHIPPING Worldwide when you purchase two SeaSpecs!

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When you purchase any two (2), you will receive one (1) FREE Jet Specs (our most popular Model), for a total of THREE (3) SeaSpecs and FREE SHIPPING Worldwide, for the total sum of $99.90. 

Today's Special will allow you to purchase one of our Models with our Polarized Grey lenses (for bright conditions) and one of our Sunset Specs (should you prefer) with our Polarized Brown Lens (for low light conditions) and have an extra SeaSpecs for a loved one or friend!!