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Watersportshops is sponsored by SeaSpecs and strongly recommends the best protective-eyewear for all your extreme action sports. Listed below are general questions regarding Extreme Watersport Sunglasses:

Are SeaSpecs available in Prescription Lenses?

Yes, SeaSpecs are available in Polarized Prescription Lenses, in both Grey and Brown Tint, with the Black SeaSpecs Frame. The cost of SeaSpecs with the Polarized Prescription Lenses is U.S. $195.00, single vision only (bifocals and progressive lenses are U.S. $295.00) Plus Shipping of U.S. $8.95 within the United States and U.S. $18.95 outside the United States (We are sorry but no free shipping for Prescription SeaSpecs. Our optical lab charges us for shipping.) (Plus sales tax, if the SeaSpecs are being delivered within the State of Florida, U.S.A.). It will take approximately 14 business days to make your Polarized Prescription Lenses. To place an order for your Polarized Prescription Watersport Sunglasses, please click on the Contact Us button. Kindly send us an e-mail with the following information:

1. Name (as it appears exactly on your credit card)
2. Billing address for credit card (we will only ship to the billing address for your credit card)
3. Type of Credit Card
4. Credit Card number
5. Expiration date
6. Advise as to Lens color (Grey or Brown)
7. Advise as to lens type (Single Vision, Bi-Focal or Progressive)
8. Prescription for each eye
9. Pupilary Distance
10. Daytime telephone number

If you prefer, you may fax to us the above information at (305) 899-2234


Featured Testimony:

I bought a pair of Prescription SeaSpecs almost a year ago and have been meaning to write to you to say how they've changed my life! For nearly 30 years of surfing, I was near blind out there, particularly on overcast days when the clouds blended in with the water. It was always challenging to judge the size of the sets and where a wave was going to break. Many times I was caught out of position, paddling at the last second toward the wave. And forget having a conversation with another surfer in the water -- if his face was a blur, I could barely make out what he was saying ... All that changed with the Sea Specs.

Now I can see the waves clearly, well off in the distance. I don't have to fiddle around paddling from place to place at the last second -- I see the action clearly. I can talk to surfers, even ones at a distance.

BEST OF ALL: No fog. The glasses stay clear, which is some kind of engineering feat.
Thank you very much -- Sea Specs have changed my life! ”

Peter & Jen Van Allen



How much do Sea Specs cost?

SeaSpecs Cost $49.95 each.

When you purchase any two (2), you will receive one (1) FREE Jet Specs (our most popular Model), for a total of THREE (3) SeaSpecs and FREE SHIPPING Worldwide, for the total sum of $99.90.


How much is Shipping?

Shipping within the United States is $5.95.
Shipping Internationally (outside the United States) is $9.95 USD.

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How do you ship Sea Specs?

Within the United States and Puerto Rico, we ship SeaSpecs via Federal Express Ground or the United States Postal Service and it takes from one (Southeast Coast) to five(West Coast, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) business days for you to receive your SeaSpecs. International shipments (outside the United States) are also shipped via Federal Express or the United States Postal Service and it takes approximately five to ten days for you to receive your SeaSpecs.

How soon do you ship my order after it is placed?

Almost all orders are shipped within two to three business days.